What warranties do you have for your customers?

We have a standard 5-year warranty against leaks and defects in workmanship. If the work is done correctly, after the first rain or high wind you will know your roof is correctly installed. Extended Labor and Material warranties are available on many products.

How long will it take to complete the new roof?

Many factors affect the projects duration, but in most cases it’s a one-day job.

Why does one of my neighbors have metal showing in their “valley”, and my other neighbor doesn’t?

The simple answer is that there are different methods of installing a valley (that section of a roof where angles meet). Two of the most common, are the open valley and closed valley. Which style you choose is up to you, but we recommend open valley with Ice and Water Shield Protection under the metal.

Why do you need to ventilate your home?

Proper ventilation is required to protect your home. Heat in unventilated attics may cause temperatures to exceed 150 degrees—causing damage to shingles and roof sheathing, and possibly radiating to the living area. Moisture, the #1 enemy, causes rot, mildew, mold, paint blisters, and renders insulation to be ineffective. Proper ventilation reduces energy bills, winter ice build up, and eliminates mold/mildew, which can lead to major health problems. A proper ventilation system will extend the life of shingles, insulation, and other building components.

What does “ICE & WATER SHIELD” do and where does it go?

The technical term for this is waterproofing shingle underlayment. This is a self-adhering material that goes directly onto the wooden deck of the roof. It should be placed, at the minimum, on the bottom of the roof, near any eaves (on slopes under 4/12), as well as under any valley systems installed on the roof. The manufacturer also recommends, for complete protection, to place the ice-guard, on the rake (the side of the roof edge), the ridge, the hip, and any roof penetration, such as skylights, pipes, or chimneys.

How will my house be protected while the old roofing material is removed?

Usually, plywood is used to divert old materials into a dumpster or truck. All windows, doors, and flowerbeds will be protected. Tarps will be spread out all around the house wherever loose debris might fall. The final cleanup will involve the use of magnets, both handheld and wheel-mounted. When finished, the only sign of Stonebrooks presence will be the beautiful new roof.

What is roof slope? Does the slope of the roof limit the choice of shingle that can be use?

The slope of the roof is measured by the rise versus the run, or the number of inches vertically by the number of inches horizontally. Some roof slopes can limit the choice of shingles that can be used. For Instance:

  • A roof slope below 2/12 (2 inches per one foot) cannot use shingles.
  • Roof slope between 2/12 and 4/12 require low-slope application techniques, including installation of waterproof underlayment.
  • Roof slopes above 21/12 require steep-slope application techniques.

How can I get samples of shingles?

Our sales consultant will assist in determining what style of roofing will be best for your home. They can provide samples of various products.

How long should a roof last?

Like any building component, lifespan of a roofing product depends on a large number of factors: the quality of original construction, the level of abuse, the level of maintenance, appropriateness of design, etc.

Can I cover over my existing roof?

Installing a roof over the top of an existing roof is generally acceptable under these guidelines:

  • Your local building codes will determine how many layers can be installed.
  • No wet insulation can be left in place.
  • The roof structure must be able to handle the additional roof load.
  • The new roof must be attached to the roof deck to meet wind loads, (it is not generally acceptable to adhere the new roof to the old roof).

What time of year is the best time to install a roof?

The optimum time to install a roof is when the temperatures are above freezing and the wind and rain are at the lowest intensity and frequency. This allows the roofer the best conditions for installation, with the fewest interruptions and lowest risk of leaking. Unless you are very fortunate, sometimes you cannot schedule the roofing work during these periods, and you may need to install the roof in cold temperatures, or in the rainy season. If you know this in advance, it may be possible to choose a roof system that is more tolerant of in climate weather.

How do I know when my roof needs to be replaced?

The three most common factors are age, appearance and leaks.

  • Age: If the roof is around 20 years of age it may be nearing the end of its life depending on the quality and warranty of the roof. There is also some variation based on sun exposure, shingle color and ventilation under the roof. If you are unsure of the age then your next evaluation factor is Appearance.
  • Appearance: If you have shingles that have broken off, look buckled or warped, or have lost some granule surfacing, it is probably time to consider a replacement.
  • Leaks: This is obviously not the best way to find out you may need a new roof. By the time you find water leaking inside the house, it probably started quite a while prior to your finding. The leaking can cause structural damage to the rafters and the boards on top of them, not to mention to your ceilings and walls. It is much less expensive to replace your roof before you see leaks.

What do I need to do to prepare for the installation of my new roof?

Remove all loose items from walls and shelves. The constant hammering may cause enough vibration to shake these items down. Make sure to clear your driveway and items directly surrounding your home. Also, please see that electrical power is provided to the outside of your home. If exterior plugs are not available, please run an extension cord through a window or door.

How much does a new roof cost?

Before we can tell you how much your job will cost, we will need to know what it involves. We understand your concerns about budget and keeping costs under control. We have the same concerns ourselves. Therefore, the best way to estimate a cost is to have a representative come to your home and provide a detailed estimate.